19 November 2012

Happy Sunday with Dr. Martens and Agnes B

My best friend came to my place yesterday because she miss me. And her birthday was last month, I bought her a very special present from Agnes B from Singapore. During on my birthday few months back, she gave me Whiskey glass shot from Bali - a very cute souvenir that I ever got although I don't drink Whiskey. Finally after a month hold the present at my home, finally I gave it to her. A very happy and excited expression can be seen in her face. I should video recorded it but, nevermind. I'm glad she appreciated it. Yes, one lucky girl. She also got Pendleton x Dr. Martens "Pagosa Springs" 7 Eye Boot (Black) yesterday. And..she still figuring and curious about Agnes B (because she never heard of it) especially where it came from and all that. Nevermind. I just told her, I bought it in Singapore. Happy birthday.

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