14 October 2012

Consumer Behaviour

Found this footage in Youtube, my hair bit long that time, this, regarding of Consumer Behaviour course assignment. Me and my team have to interview tenders and consumers about Flea Market Amcorp Mall on Sunday. Surprisingly, one of the tender that I interview is my Academic Writing supervisor's friend. What a small world. Love those stuffs that they are selling there. Well, rarely I went out with empty-handed everytime I went to Amcorp Mall on Sunday! LOL

Interviewer: Nurshaidah Ibrahim
Interviewees: Iqbal + Ellyda (@zsazsaN)
Crew: Aliff, Sera, Aisyah, Aimi
Video: Aliff Azhar
Location: Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya
Date: December 2011
Song: Turning Tables by Adele