04 July 2012

The Most Commemorative Comment

This is my first time post something personal. This is way too personal. I just want to share my opinion and what's in my mind only. Thanks to Izzra for introduced me to this song while I'm "lost". Truly that, this, open my mind on why things happened for a reason, as I digging down to find the cause and effect of my personal issue.

While I listened to this song, I found the most commemorative comment in Song Meanings about Kanye's Say You Will song. I admit that this is the most depressing song ever by Kanye after Welcome To The Heartbreak from 808's And Heartbreak album. I think the prefect time to listen it while you soaking yourself in the bathtub and thinking why things happened.
I think it's about a still desire of someone but never be able to have them completely the way you want. He wants the girl to say yes, to agree but he also wants her to mean it. But the guy knows that if the girl does say yes, it will only be a false promise. Cause he's been thru that with the girl before. And now he's torn between being with the girl for now and never truly getting what he wants- a life long commitment or say goodbye for good and still miss her and fantasize about her - Kanam, January 18, 2009.

Enough said.