26 February 2012

Kanye West & Jay-Z to Auction Off Maybach from “Otis” Music Video

Kanye and Jay-z to auction off $350,000 Maybach, that can be seen in "Otis" music video. According to Mail Online, the money will go to the Save the Children foundation.

Source: Mail Online

12 February 2012

Whitney Houston - Gone Too Soon.

Whitney Houston is dead at 48 years old. May she rest in peace.

09 February 2012

Backpack Travel Preparations for Dummies.

  1. Check your money/cash/fiscal in your account, how much do you have. Backpack does not require lots of cash actually but the more are the better. But come on let's be real, you can't go anywhere without money right?
  2. Plan where you want to go based from your budget
  3. Decide the date to travel.
  4. Survey the transportation and accommodation. Check on how much the transportation fee cost you. If by flight, alert on promotions and book early to avoid costly fee. Do travel via low cost carrier and stay at the budget hotel or traveller lodge (come on, you only bring USD 200 and you want to fly via Boeing flight with first class service?).
  5. Calculate the budget. How much will you spend? Already allocate budget for contingency cost? What will you spend? This to control your money spending.
  6. Pack your stuff. Don't pack like you want to leave home for a year. The less are better to avoid you complaint "this bag really fudging heavy to carry!". Bring what necessary such as few clothes, a pair of pants, etc.
  7. Check your travel document; passport and visa. You can't visit Angkor Wat if you do not have legal passport and visa.
  8. 1-7 lists are check? Then, bon voyage! Enjoy the journey!

08 February 2012

Lady Gaga - Stuck On Fuckin' You

Lady Gaga latest single, unpublished single, "Stuck Fuckin You", she recorded after Monster Ball tour. Simple song. Not many music and synth effect. This suitable to listen when have your 'after-dinner' session with wine. Listen and download it for FREE!

Source: Lady Gaga Discography

From Deutsche-Welle to DW

Morning Frankfurt. Final day here in Frankfurt. As usual, I can't sleep much. Too cold here and wisdom tooth pain really ruin my rest session. But my favourite news website, Deutsche Welle, already "rebranding" and "refreshing" its service, from Deutsche Welle to DW. Their new logo and website page also new, plus, this website offers 30 different foreign languages. The new DW look really clean, organize, easy to browse and very interactive. Should I say, "KUDOS"? Yes! And if you want to learn GERMAN, you can sign up here with DW for FREE!

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Experience more with DW new website here.

06 February 2012

Justice @ L’Olympia in Paris Recap

Justice did it again. Fast beat electro tunes totally made the crowd gone wild. According to Hypetrak, on February 4, Justice touched base in their hometown Paris in order to grace the infamous stages of L'Olympia and to present energetic live renditions of their latest offering Audio, Video, Disco.

Justice's trademark on the set: The Cross. 

Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay (Xavier looks so nice with that haircut)

Justice did their thing.

Source: Hypetrak

Frankfurt Am Main

"Willkommen bei Frankfurt Frau Nurshaidah Ibrahim", said the rental apartment to me and my brother. What a depressing weather here in Frankfurt. -14'c and yet, I still can't handle the cold and depressing weather here in Feuerbachstraße, Frankfurt.
"Exquisite apartment!"

The People prefer to use bicycle when traveling around the streets.

"Deutsche Oktoberfest Bier Mug"

"This awful looking dish was called Schupfnudeln mit Sauerkraut und Kasslerwürfel. Schupfnudeln are gnocchi-like potato-based pastas"