19 November 2012

Happy Sunday with Dr. Martens and Agnes B

My best friend came to my place yesterday because she miss me. And her birthday was last month, I bought her a very special present from Agnes B from Singapore. During on my birthday few months back, she gave me Whiskey glass shot from Bali - a very cute souvenir that I ever got although I don't drink Whiskey. Finally after a month hold the present at my home, finally I gave it to her. A very happy and excited expression can be seen in her face. I should video recorded it but, nevermind. I'm glad she appreciated it. Yes, one lucky girl. She also got Pendleton x Dr. Martens "Pagosa Springs" 7 Eye Boot (Black) yesterday. And..she still figuring and curious about Agnes B (because she never heard of it) especially where it came from and all that. Nevermind. I just told her, I bought it in Singapore. Happy birthday.

06 November 2012

Me & Myself Website Project: A Review

A website project about me, myself and a brand finally completed on May 2012, and yes, I got excellent marks from Advisor. Using roman sculpture as the metaphor for Versace, I managed to pull the idea and concept in a very artistic way. With the contrast background, strong visual and black and white photo, it totally shown my signature very much. Thank you Donatella and Kanye for inspiring me.

Feel free to visit my website: http://nurshaidah.my3gb.com/WELCOME.html

05 November 2012

Unboxing Me & Myself website project (CD + Report Book)

Maybe I should live in Rome and Greece in the future. I'm so into this Roman sculpture. Love them so much until I used them as for my website project CD and report designs

Front CD cover design

Back CD cover design.

Project report front cover design.

14 October 2012

Consumer Behaviour

Found this footage in Youtube, my hair bit long that time, this, regarding of Consumer Behaviour course assignment. Me and my team have to interview tenders and consumers about Flea Market Amcorp Mall on Sunday. Surprisingly, one of the tender that I interview is my Academic Writing supervisor's friend. What a small world. Love those stuffs that they are selling there. Well, rarely I went out with empty-handed everytime I went to Amcorp Mall on Sunday! LOL

Interviewer: Nurshaidah Ibrahim
Interviewees: Iqbal + Ellyda (@zsazsaN)
Crew: Aliff, Sera, Aisyah, Aimi
Video: Aliff Azhar
Location: Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya
Date: December 2011
Song: Turning Tables by Adele

18 September 2012

Body Shop Fragrance.

Body Shop just released their new fragrance: Scents Of The World and they csame up with five new fragrances; Amazonian Wild Lily, Atlas Mountain World, Indian Night Jasmine, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Madagascan Vanilla Flower. Been a big fan of Body Shop since teenage years, got myself a new fragrance from Body Shop: Amazonian Wild Lily while I was on date with my housemate. I love the idea and the concept of the\is product; minimalist, eco-friendly and creative in terms of selling and marketing. Love the sense of lily and a little bit strong smell of orchid, which is really awaken my senses. Plus, I like the floral smell because it calm me down.

04 July 2012

The Most Commemorative Comment

This is my first time post something personal. This is way too personal. I just want to share my opinion and what's in my mind only. Thanks to Izzra for introduced me to this song while I'm "lost". Truly that, this, open my mind on why things happened for a reason, as I digging down to find the cause and effect of my personal issue.

While I listened to this song, I found the most commemorative comment in Song Meanings about Kanye's Say You Will song. I admit that this is the most depressing song ever by Kanye after Welcome To The Heartbreak from 808's And Heartbreak album. I think the prefect time to listen it while you soaking yourself in the bathtub and thinking why things happened.
I think it's about a still desire of someone but never be able to have them completely the way you want. He wants the girl to say yes, to agree but he also wants her to mean it. But the guy knows that if the girl does say yes, it will only be a false promise. Cause he's been thru that with the girl before. And now he's torn between being with the girl for now and never truly getting what he wants- a life long commitment or say goodbye for good and still miss her and fantasize about her - Kanam, January 18, 2009.

Enough said.


08 June 2012

Louis Vuitton Presents "All Aboard Games"

An animated short of LV Game Case by Ill Studio. This remind us of Catch Me If You Can opening credit

30 May 2012

JAY Z & Kanye West - No Church In The Wild

This music video remind us of Syria with little bit of London riot, but they should put rating in this music video; contain violence actions. Somehow, like the commentator in YouTube said, "Most underrated artist of our generation. Kanye West". Yes, we cannot expect something "good" from Kanye, but that's Kanye style; he likes to speak metaphorically. No Church In The Wild music video is directed by Romain Gavras, taken in Prague, it showed the riot situation in Prague between the anarchist fighting against the police and how they win the riot there. It is also the first track of their latest collaboration album, Watch The Throne.

19 May 2012

We Were Once a Fairytale

Directed by Spike Jonze, a short film about a man who realize that money cannot buy happiness and searching what is lost in his life but in the end, his agony and ego kills him made him die alone in a very dramatic way. Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven track in the final scene making this short film ending more painful and leaving some emotional attach for audience just like watching your soul mate dying sacrifice for you.


Director: Nils Strüven / Germany / 2010

An intense journey into Berlin nightlife. Music by Trentemøller - Moan

10 May 2012

Terry Richardson's Diary

He's one of my favourite photographer after Klein and Testino, yet, I getting more like him after he shot Kate Upton's Cat Daddy (we keep playing it over and over again!) I think this man doesn't know the word rest, his diary keep updating almost everyday. Recently he shot Rihanna in plain tee with super hot denim short. "Yes, the night is young, what you really wanna do, huh?"

Terry's Diary.

05 May 2012

Adam "MCA" Yauch 1964 - 2012

Battled with cancer for almost 3 years, the Beastie Boys pioneered, Adam Yauch a.k.a MCA, died this morning. Been a fan of him and the boys since 90's, writing his obituary here is the hardest part in my life, to say, I listen to their songs and Adam's rap + voice almost everyday; Intergalactic, An Open Letter To NYC etc. It is sad because Yauch's daughter will never again have that moment of familial bliss between a daughter and her dad. May he rest in peace. We will miss you. Today, we start our day without a legend. But then, he still human like us. Rest In Peace. Love.

Kanye West Lost In The World - video

Listening to this song almost everyday and wondering when will Kanye make this music video, but after long time waiting, at last they produce an artistic black and white music video.

Filmmaker Ruth Hogben collaborates with award-winning musician Kanye West to create a film for his single Lost in the World. The song, which features Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, is taken from West's fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Hogben's piece breaks the mould of popular rap aesthetics while still celebrating the extraordinary talent that has made West a modern icon - SHOWstudio

27 April 2012

Me & Myself (M&M) - website layout

After came back from trip, put myself in busy again in completing the website layout entitled ME & MYSELF (M&M) in order to fulfill the requirement for Interactive Advertising (ADV 549) course. Seems that I have strong connection with VERSACE since 2005, I decided to come up with the brand VERSACE and using roman architecture element as the metaphor for Versace. Simplicity yet minimal, the M&M is combination of fashion and history to make it more interactive yet attractive. Although it really hard to think the suitable metaphor, with the guideline from Advisor, slowly manage to extract the idea of the metaphor into M&M. This website project will estimate complete at the end of May 2012.

16 April 2012

Tupac Hologram Performance Coachella 2012

"and even when I'm gone, my music will live forever" 

An Icon. A Symbol. Forever A Legend. Sometime, we have to lose something before we can truly appreciate them. Yet, he still a human like us. As time passed by, modern people like us tend to forget slowly what happen in the past. Tupac left us for almost 16 years, yet, his music still lives on. Recently, a lifelike hologram of the late Tupac Shakur hit Coachella’s main stage during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s set and performing songs “Hail Mary” and “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted". According to an interview with Nick Smith, president of AV Concepts, the San Diego company that created the hologram , told MTV,
"The Tupac hologram was several months in the planning and took nearly four months to create in a studio and though AV Concepts was not able to reveal the exact price tag for the illusion, the cost anywhere from $100,000 to more than $400,000 to pull off. I can’t say how much that event cost, but I can say it’s affordable in the sense that if we had to bring entertainers around world and create concerts across the country, we could put [artists] in every venue in the country."  - Nick Smith

The holographic performance was a first for Coachella and for hip-hop, and it was pulled off with the full approval and support of the late Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur. Known for being strenuously protective of her son’s image since his 1996 death, Shakur agreed to the high-tech tribute after Dr. Dre personally told her his plans and asked for her approval.

The four-minute holographic performance by the late hip-hop icon cost quite a bit to execute and in what is sure became one of the most memorable festival gigs in recent times.

Source: Hypetrak + Soul Culture UK + In Flex We trust

15 April 2012

Agnes B

Got this from Singapore. A limited edition item. I can't tell you what's in it. Let there be a secret! But I love how they wrapped, totally from Agnes B.

10 April 2012

Newsweek (special commemorative issue) - THE BEATLES 2012

Just bought Newsweek (special commemorative issue) THE BEATLES; a full story from zero page until end about The Beatles, from how they met to their glorious time to the downfall to after The Beatles until today 2012, worth my money S$12.50, yet, still not open and read it. Maybe I will frame this magazine.

05 April 2012

The Resistance Tour Photography Book (LIMITED EDITION)

The UK based rock band, MUSE, had released their The Resistance Tour book with 160 page hard-back featuring a collection of exclusive and unseen photographs taken throughout Europe during The Resistance Tour in the Summer of 2010.

Price: £20.00
(MYR 120.00 / USD 45.00 / SGD 50.00)

Click here for details and purchase

The book measures 285mm x 225mm with a silver foil block logo on the front cover and is enclosed in a de-bossed silver slip case


29 March 2012

Mr. Hudson

We knew him from Young Forever, first time listened to his voice, people thought that he was black and old, then, they started to Google him, surprisingly, he is young and sophisticated. Known as a very stylish English men, the R&B/pop artist Mr. Hudson received many endorsement from many fashion label such as Adidas, Louis Vuitton and many more. He has worked with many famous acts such as Kanye West, Dizzee Rascal, N-Dubz, KiD CuDi, Tinie Tempah, Jay-Z, Big Sean and Caspa, and toured with Calvin Harris. The Kanye West's protege really know how to expand his popularity very well; talented, musician, plus, English model type.

Click here for Mr Hudson website

Photos below for reference only.

Photography: Nigel Parry

Photography: Richard Grassie

Photography: Stephen Wordie

Photography: Nabil Elderkin

Courtesy: Complex (London Calling)

His previous album Straight No Chaser was released on 2009 and according to his interviewed with Yahoo Music about his Straight No Chaser album,
"They certainly won’t be bored. I aim for it to be quite a lot variety, a lot of styles and tones, not one where you hear the same track 10 times over. There’s classical guitar, banjo, synthesizer. It’s like a buffet: There are Twinkies, fish tacos and steak — a wonderful mess"
Mr. Hudson currently working on his 3rd album, probably will release this year or next year.

18 March 2012

Future Music Festival Asia 2012

FMFA 2012 was very epic. Loads of people came for this massive event for the sake to watch their favourite line up performing that day. Happened in Sepang and the weather that day was very calm and ease. Thank god no rain, if not, epic fail! Two events happened that day, the other one was Hot Air Balloon Festival, that one was for family. this one for people who love music.


Future stage

DJ Blink + Lap Sap

 Click here to watch the videos of Eddie Halliwell, Pendulum, Chemical Brothers, Tinie Tempah, Cosmic Gate and many more!

Photos and videos courtesy of: Lulu

15 March 2012


Lady Gaga will come to Asia + Australia for her BORN THIS WAY BALL tour starting this April 27. I will marry the night with her soon, Click here for her BORN THIS WAY BALL dates, venues and tickets.

p/s: Lady Gaga won't perform in Malaysia. This is sad.

10 March 2012

Best International Mainstream Music Video

Thank you to myself able to make this chart, the evaluation were based from cinematography, experimental, editing and special effect. Here are the results. Enjoy!

A-ha "Take On Me"
Directed by Steve Barron
Year: 1985

Radiohead "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
Directed by Jonathan Glazer.
Year: 1997

Big Sean (feat. Chiddy Bang) "Too Fake"
Directed by Mike Carson
Year: 2011

Kanye West (feat. Rihanna, Kid Cudi) "All Of The Lights"
Directed by Hype Williams.
Year: 2010

Kanye West (feat. Kid Cudi) "Welcome To Heartbreak"
Directed by Nabil Elderkin
Year 2009

Kid Cudi (feat. MGMT, Ratatat) "Pursuit Of Happiness" (Megaforce Version)
Directed by Megaforce
Year: 2009

26 February 2012

Kanye West & Jay-Z to Auction Off Maybach from “Otis” Music Video

Kanye and Jay-z to auction off $350,000 Maybach, that can be seen in "Otis" music video. According to Mail Online, the money will go to the Save the Children foundation.

Source: Mail Online

12 February 2012

09 February 2012

Backpack Travel Preparations for Dummies.

  1. Check your money/cash/fiscal in your account, how much do you have. Backpack does not require lots of cash actually but the more are the better. But come on let's be real, you can't go anywhere without money right?
  2. Plan where you want to go based from your budget
  3. Decide the date to travel.
  4. Survey the transportation and accommodation. Check on how much the transportation fee cost you. If by flight, alert on promotions and book early to avoid costly fee. Do travel via low cost carrier and stay at the budget hotel or traveller lodge (come on, you only bring USD 200 and you want to fly via Boeing flight with first class service?).
  5. Calculate the budget. How much will you spend? Already allocate budget for contingency cost? What will you spend? This to control your money spending.
  6. Pack your stuff. Don't pack like you want to leave home for a year. The less are better to avoid you complaint "this bag really fudging heavy to carry!". Bring what necessary such as few clothes, a pair of pants, etc.
  7. Check your travel document; passport and visa. You can't visit Angkor Wat if you do not have legal passport and visa.
  8. 1-7 lists are check? Then, bon voyage! Enjoy the journey!

08 February 2012

Lady Gaga - Stuck On Fuckin' You

Lady Gaga latest single, unpublished single, "Stuck Fuckin You", she recorded after Monster Ball tour. Simple song. Not many music and synth effect. This suitable to listen when have your 'after-dinner' session with wine. Listen and download it for FREE!

Source: Lady Gaga Discography

From Deutsche-Welle to DW

Morning Frankfurt. Final day here in Frankfurt. As usual, I can't sleep much. Too cold here and wisdom tooth pain really ruin my rest session. But my favourite news website, Deutsche Welle, already "rebranding" and "refreshing" its service, from Deutsche Welle to DW. Their new logo and website page also new, plus, this website offers 30 different foreign languages. The new DW look really clean, organize, easy to browse and very interactive. Should I say, "KUDOS"? Yes! And if you want to learn GERMAN, you can sign up here with DW for FREE!

Follow DW on Twitter now! LIKE their Facebook page!

Experience more with DW new website here.

06 February 2012

Justice @ L’Olympia in Paris Recap

Justice did it again. Fast beat electro tunes totally made the crowd gone wild. According to Hypetrak, on February 4, Justice touched base in their hometown Paris in order to grace the infamous stages of L'Olympia and to present energetic live renditions of their latest offering Audio, Video, Disco.

Justice's trademark on the set: The Cross. 

Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay (Xavier looks so nice with that haircut)

Justice did their thing.

Source: Hypetrak

Frankfurt Am Main

"Willkommen bei Frankfurt Frau Nurshaidah Ibrahim", said the rental apartment to me and my brother. What a depressing weather here in Frankfurt. -14'c and yet, I still can't handle the cold and depressing weather here in Feuerbachstraße, Frankfurt.
"Exquisite apartment!"

The People prefer to use bicycle when traveling around the streets.

"Deutsche Oktoberfest Bier Mug"

"This awful looking dish was called Schupfnudeln mit Sauerkraut und Kasslerwürfel. Schupfnudeln are gnocchi-like potato-based pastas"

22 January 2012


#Toys4Kidz was held on 21st January 2012 at Pediatric Institute, Kuala Lumpur General Hospital with 40 participants from Twitter joined this successful event organized by Celaka Party (one of Twitter community) which the objective of the event is to donate used or new toys to unprivileged in Pediatric Institute HKL.

Click here for photos and report

14 January 2012

#TwtupCigar 2.0

Second #TwtupCigar was held on 14 January 2012 at Maduro Cigar and Lounge where most of the crowd were new faces, participants were from Twitter. #TwtupCigar 2.0 served Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especiales (which is my favourite cigar), the taste of the cigar is like the combination of chocolate, hazelnut, pepper, coffee and 5PM tea time (if you know what I mean). Click here for more photos.

Smoke with class. Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure Especiales.