05 December 2011


Travel to Taiping for the sake to taste the delicious durian. The trip took 3 days. From 2 Dec - 4 Dec 2011. We stayed at Selama. Nice and peaceful village. Click here for full photos.

Final day in Selama before hit back to KL

Selama hill view. Heading to Taiping.

Taiping. This reminds me of Singapore.

19 November 2011

#TwtupCigar 1.0

The event was held on 19 November 2011 at Maduro Cigar and Lounge TTDI with 30 particpants from Twitterjaya participated this event organized by Iqbal Zainal (@JantanCelaka) and Zulkarnain Azman (@soulzoul). Click here for full photos

Romeo Y Julietta, Konig Weissbier and free flow drink.

28 October 2011


Yes. I will travel again. This time to Singapore via plane. For third times. It can be consider my homecoming cum travel. After I paid this airline, Jay-Z's Already Home & Diddy's Coming Home songs keep playing in my head. Can't wait, I just can't wait.

06 October 2011

Songs that keep playing and playing on my iPod

  1. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  2. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  3. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  4. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  5. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  6. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  7. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  8. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  9. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night
  10. Lady Gaga - Marry The Night

Yes, this Lady In The Tramp totally rock my day with this song.

07 September 2011

Julie London - Cry Me A River

I fell in love with this song after I watched V For Vendetta movie and I begin to love eggy in the basket. Wish I can dance with someone I love while listening to this song

 Julie London - Cry Me A River by Mostly Vocals

04 August 2011

Singapore on 3rd August 2011

This is Singapore! Went to Singapore alone on 3rd August 2011. Went via bus and MRT. Found that Singapore are more like Hong Kong. Picture below at MBS (Marina Bay Sands). Do ignore my ugly face.

05 July 2011

Kuching on 1st July

Went travel alone to Kuching on 1st July until 4th July. I skipped my work, I skipped my cousin's wedding because of this. Picture below me at Kuching Monument. Ignore the people. Focus on me and the monument.

17 June 2011


Thank you to Rezza Zurin, a networking friend of mine that I met on Twitter informed me about this flight ticket made me immediately bought this flight ticket using his magic card! I will go backpack alone again! This time to Kuching, see you this 1st July 2011!

28 March 2011

People I like.

- Bloc Party
- Michael Jackson
- Matt Tong
- Radiohead
- Zack Snyder
- Angelina Jolie
- Adriana Lima
- Scarlett Johansson
- Jessica Biel
- Marion Cotillard
- Lara Croft

26 March 2011

Yearbook myself

I existed in your mom's yearbook. I know, I use DeLorean to go back to the past.

24 March 2011

17 Again.

I'm sitting here in my room listening to some of the greatest tunes from 90's pop/punk bands. Zaman poppunk aku antara fasa paling menarik and always be. Semua benda tak payah nak ambil serius sangat. Dumb jokes, songs about zaman remaja, sekolah, love life semua sangat fun. Zaman pegi mana-mana tak payah risau kalau dalam poket ada RM10, handphone pun tak perlu masa tu. Tak seserius zaman sekarang. Semua orang yang aku kenal dah bertukar jadi orang-orang yang serius, matang kata mereka. Sense of humor hilang entah ke mana. Bila kadang-kadang jumpa kawan lama, they say I'm still the same guy yang dulu, never grow up. Yes, I'll remain 17 selamanya. Why? sebab I still listen to blink-182, MxPx, New Found Glory and few bands yang banyak influence aku to be who I am today. Have to admit it, I miss the good ol' days. Miss everything when I first met gf, miss poppunk bands, miss everything before masuk dunia bekerja. Now, semua sudah jadi robot. Serius macam bangsat. Ok, tamat.

-Normal People Worry Me, Sept 15 2010

06 March 2011

Backpacking to North

Went to Perak - Kedah - Perlis in 2 days via train on 4-5th March 2011 with 6 fellow friends. It was really memorable.

Kedah in the morning

Ipoh at night

Perlis, at last! (Photo courtesy of Amir Helmi Hussain)