19 November 2012

Happy Sunday with Dr. Martens and Agnes B

My best friend came to my place yesterday because she miss me. And her birthday was last month, I bought her a very special present from Agnes B from Singapore. During on my birthday few months back, she gave me Whiskey glass shot from Bali - a very cute souvenir that I ever got although I don't drink Whiskey. Finally after a month hold the present at my home, finally I gave it to her. A very happy and excited expression can be seen in her face. I should video recorded it but, nevermind. I'm glad she appreciated it. Yes, one lucky girl. She also got Pendleton x Dr. Martens "Pagosa Springs" 7 Eye Boot (Black) yesterday. And..she still figuring and curious about Agnes B (because she never heard of it) especially where it came from and all that. Nevermind. I just told her, I bought it in Singapore. Happy birthday.

06 November 2012

Me & Myself Website Project: A Review

A website project about me, myself and a brand finally completed on May 2012, and yes, I got excellent marks from Advisor. Using roman sculpture as the metaphor for Versace, I managed to pull the idea and concept in a very artistic way. With the contrast background, strong visual and black and white photo, it totally shown my signature very much. Thank you Donatella and Kanye for inspiring me.

Feel free to visit my website: http://nurshaidah.my3gb.com/WELCOME.html

05 November 2012

Unboxing Me & Myself website project (CD + Report Book)

Maybe I should live in Rome and Greece in the future. I'm so into this Roman sculpture. Love them so much until I used them as for my website project CD and report designs

Front CD cover design

Back CD cover design.

Project report front cover design.

14 October 2012

Consumer Behaviour

Found this footage in Youtube, my hair bit long that time, this, regarding of Consumer Behaviour course assignment. Me and my team have to interview tenders and consumers about Flea Market Amcorp Mall on Sunday. Surprisingly, one of the tender that I interview is my Academic Writing supervisor's friend. What a small world. Love those stuffs that they are selling there. Well, rarely I went out with empty-handed everytime I went to Amcorp Mall on Sunday! LOL

Interviewer: Nurshaidah Ibrahim
Interviewees: Iqbal + Ellyda (@zsazsaN)
Crew: Aliff, Sera, Aisyah, Aimi
Video: Aliff Azhar
Location: Amcorp Mall, Petaling Jaya
Date: December 2011
Song: Turning Tables by Adele